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Zoe Bell is EVE in Angel Of Death Now playing on Crackle.com !

ZoŽ does her own stunts in Quentin Tarantino's Grindhouse: Death Proof

that's ZoŽ as stunt double for fellow Kiwi, Lucy Lawless (2001)

making fans see double...

Zoe *is* the REAL Xena!

Zoe doubles for Uma Thurman in Kill Bill

ZoŽ in motion on the set - in a word - WOW !

Zoe as a Betrayer in "Cleopatra 2525" (2000)

Look it's Xena and Wonder Woman! (ComicCon 2004)
Okay, it's really Zoe Bell with her mentor, stunt-veteran Jeannie Epper


ZoŽ Bell.com
a fansite

a fan's view of ZoŽ Bell

ZoŽ Bell is a stuntwoman from New Zealand.

While you might think you've never heard of her, you probably have seen her work, either on popular TV shows such as Xena (as the stunt-double for Lucy Lawless) or in major films including Kill Bill (the stunt-double for Uma Thurman) and Catwoman (as the stunt-double for Sharon Stone).

ZoŽ doesn't get the spotlight of the blockbuster actresses that she makes seem so talented but she definitely deserves great admiration and should be an inspiration to women everywhere, especially for all she has achieved in the "boy's club" of stunt-work in filmmaking.

Female Fight Club meets Hostel. Starring ZoŽ Bell and Rachel Nichols.

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some basic stuff about ZoŽ

Birthday: November 17, 1978
Birth Place: Waiheke Island, New Zealand
Currently: Los Angeles, California
Height: 5'8" (1.73m)
Hair: blonde     Eyes: green
Sports Background: competitive gymnastics, Tae Kwon Do, diving, track and field and dance Stunt Abilities: High Diving, SCUBA, High Falls, Wire Work, Stunt Fighting and Martial Arts

ZoŽ's filmography

Whip It! (2009)

Angel of Death (2009) as "Eve"

LOST (2008)
(S4 ep. 7+8 as Regina)

The Kingdom (2007)
(stunt work)

Grindhouse: Death Proof (2007)
(as herself!)

Penny Dreadful (2006)
(stunt double)

The Devil's Den (2006)
(stunt double)

Reflections (2006)
(stunt coordinator)

The Poseidon Adventure (2006)
(stunt work)

Alias (2005 TV)
(stunt double for Amy Acker)

Catwoman (2004)
stunt double: Laurel

Ultraviolet (2004) (?)

Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004)
stunt double: The Bride

Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)
stunt double: The Bride

Riverworld (2003 teleplay) stunt work

The Extreme Team (2003) stunt work

Cleopatra 2525 (2000)
Female Betrayer ep:"Double" (1x11)

Xena: Warrior Princess
(1995-2001 TV series)
stunt double: Lucy Lawless

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
(1995-1999 TV series) stunt work

The Chosen (1998) stunt work

Shortland Street (1992-2005 NZ soap) (?)

Jack of all Trades (2000 TV)

Jacksons Wharf (1999 TV)

The Bunker Murders (2002 TV)

Amazon High (1999 TV)
background action stunt work

Young Hercules (1998 TV)

see ZoŽ in action on Double Dare

Double Dare is a great documentary by Amanda Micheli about stuntwomen. Zoe is featured in the film as well as Jeannie Epper (stuntwoman on Wonder Woman) and Eurlyne Epper. You can see the trailer here (Zoe starts about 20 seconds in). We HIGHLY recommend you buy this DVD (it appears on PBS from time to time but who can wait? and the DVD has bonus stuff). Note that we have absolutely no association with this film or Amanda, we just think it's a really great story and well done. You even get to see Zoe tryout for Quentin Tarantino and share the joyful moment of when she gets the job on Kill Bill!
Too broke to buy? Well you can also find the DVD available for rental online at Blockbuster (only in some stores) and on Netflix.

audio & video clips of ZoŽ Bell

(needs Quicktime installed)
Listen to Zoe on "DVD Talk Radio"

Zoe doing a Xena stunt

Zoe does her first highfall

official Double Dare trailer

PBS Double Dare trailer

PBS Double Dare commercial

NZ Stunt Productions Demo Reel
Zoe can be seen in the Xena bits

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